Friday, June 4, 2010

genetic modification afterthoughts

I got a great comment on the last posting. Someone who's clearly more educated on this subject than I. Some interesting points:
1. Would take decades for these changes to take affect in an adult since they aren't growing. I'm not sure if that's true, if your body is making it's own hormones, what's the difference between body made hormones and injecting them with a needle? different dosage? Also, aren't most cells (minus brain cells) replaced every 7 years?
2. The change wouldn't be reversible. I could maybe buy into this. If every man starts out as a female as an embryo, and then chance decides whether or not to flip the switch to produce more testosterone than estrogen. If "Y" causes this change, then by deleting this gene would reverse that. Now by "deleting" it, that would mean the X would replace it, and give you an XX. If you "delete it'", how do you get it back? kinda stuck. But would we really need to delete it, or simply suppress it? I mean we don't do stomach reductions or even stapling anymore for obese patients, we simply do a lapband (use a non-evasive knot) so that it's reversible.
3. Genetic research would never happen because there's no money in it (cheaper using current methods). This I can totally buy into. Being an engineer, I know all about cutting costs (down to the pennies). Unless there's a biological reason, or profit goal, the research would never happen (unless there are a bunch of TG doctors that plan on doing it open source for the fun of it).

But now imagine for a second that such research did occur, and we really do come up with a pill that can magically flip your body's switch and make it start producing estrogen and testosterone blockers? Any pill, prescription or not, eventually makes it's way to the black market. Just look around the internet for a while, anything you could need (ambien, viagra, etc) can be bought through black market websites without a prescription by shipping directly out the country (china, india, mexico, even canada). So you have to think of the power of such a pill. A pill so powerful it flips the switch, making any man start to transition and have female features. Not necessarily a vagina, but certainly everything else (breasts, thick smooth skin, redistribution of fat, change in mood and psyche, etc).

But seriously consider the power of such a thing, and realize that for every good there's also an evil side. Imagine some prankster decides to start popping these pills inside guy's drinks at the club for fun. In his mind, he's increasing his odds by eliminating some of his competition, and perhaps having a laugh by seeing a guy get femminized?

"I just don't understand it, ever since I started coming to this bar, I keep getting more girly."

Then you think about people that are evil and want revenge. Imagine a co-worker that doesn't like you, perhaps a boss you hate? One little pill slipped into their drink, and gradual sex change.

"Mr Anderson! What are you staring at? I'm still your boss you know!"

Then there's the more serious issue, bio-terrorism! yea that's right, what better way to fight a war than that? Imagine Iraq breaking us down one more notch not by crashing another plane, but by turning most of our male population into women by dumping a bunch of these pills into our water supply? Other than a small percentage of men un-affected who are using well water in rural areas, most men in america would be turned into women.

Imagine the impact, starting off with the fact that pro-creation would be severely affected. With few men to impregnate women, our population would be doomed. The government would probably have to enforce some kind of foreign exchange person program to even the population while balancing the genders.

"Give me a hug honey, your daddy.. I mean mommy is moving to France. Your new daddy will be here tomorrow, he's from Spain. Remember all the things I taught you about womanhood, I never thought I'd be having this conversation with my son".

Then let's consider the immediate impact. Unlike most of the followers to blogs like this that embrace the idea of transgender, a lot of guys can't even begin to comprehend such a thing. so much in fact that it would depress the hell out of them. In fact, it could very well push them to suicide.
She just couldn't accept her new body

Then you have to think if there wouldn't be some sort of solution to such a widespread problem. Could doctors prescribe testosterone and estrogen blockers to block the effects of the body wanting to feminize itself? So much in fact that it could also prevent sperm from destroying itself? Would it need to be something that's so common it would quickly move from prescription to over the counter?

"I've got boobs THIS big and it's got menadryl written all over it"

our society could change dramatically for sure. You think women are catty? Imagine guys as women, even more judgemental!
"Dude, why are you trying to take menadryl? Why can't you just accept being a woman like the rest of us?" said john's co-workers.

no more lingrie bowl, every football game would look like that now

Construction workers would start to whistle and oggle themselves

And our military, well it would never be the same either

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