Tuesday, June 22, 2010

before there was photoshop...

No this is not something I drew, however I was about this talented at one point (before life got serious and all my free time went out the window). How many of you, especially the older ones (35+) remember a time when there was no photoshop, or if there was it was so un-obtainably expensive that you didn't get to play with it early on? When I was probably in my mid teens, I didn't want to wait any longer, so I took my doodling to the next level and started sketching things to try to harness my drawing skill. I got good, pretty darned good. I started re-creating school yearbook photos of myself in sketch form, trying to copy as much detail as possible (this was before digital cameras too, so you had limited number of photos of yourself). Eventually when I got good, and knew what characteristics were in my facial features, I could draw my face pretty easily and quickly.

Of course you know what this led to next, seeing how I could feminize my face. Add a little extra shading in the lips for lipstick, add a touch of shading to the cheekbones for blush, darken the eyelids for eyeshadow, lengthen the lashes a bit.. Then it was time for the hair. Now I never had long hair as a younger person, so it was an open palette. Started off with just lengthening my straight hair, then I messed around with waves and curls. Eventually I would find naked women (usually from my porno stash) and find a girl with her head in the same position as my face, and I would effectively draw my feminized head onto a female body. It was fun while it lasted, at one point I even got a 128 colored pencil set so I could do it in color, and kept them all in a school folder that was hidden away in a desk behind junk, but deep in the back of my head I was scared to death that someone would find them and confront me why I had sketches that were clearly me as a woman. I had no choice but to rip them up into pieces and throw them away to destroy the evidence (oh what I would have given for a scanner and an encrypted flash drive back then). All those sketches are just vague memories inside my head that I'll never get back.

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