Tuesday, June 29, 2010

curly hair

I've always admired curly hair. To me nothing says "feminine" like curls. Not really sure why, women have all sorts of hair types, perhaps because curly implies "perm", or that I've put some work into my hair, or that curly hair tends to be harder to maintain (at least combing). Some of my favorite hair is molly hagen. You probably don't know that name, ahem (in my best imitation of troy McClure from the simpsons) You might remember her from such Fox television shows such as Herman's head (a short-lived show that also featured the girl that does the voice of lisa simpson).

Christine Taylor in the movie (wedding singer) had really good hair too

Of course I've also always admired Julia Louis Dreyfus' hair (AKA elaine from Seinfeld) as well:

Of course, nothing annoys me more than someone with beautiful curly hair that goes and straightens it (of course I think she has naturally straight hair), but I'm saying that those that have naturally curly hair should just leave it natural and be thankful they have great hair.

So over the weekend, while the wife was away (not that I don't crossdress in front of her, I find it more comfortable if I at least dress up when she isn't home), I don't mind "being" dressed in front of her. I got out my trusty curler set (the only one that seems to work is the flexible plastic ones with the foam plus steamer), and even then it's a battle. I swear I was born to have straight hair. I truly believe there are levels of curling acceptance, mine is very low tolerance. It curls, most of it is quite spirally when it first comes out of the curlers, but it quite quickly turns from curl to wave within an hour. It also doesn't help that it's been hot, and having long hair in your face while your trying to roll curlers into it just adds to the sweating. Even though I left them in far longer than reccommended (an hour vs the 10 minutes they tell you to wait), a lot of my hair was still moist and therefore didn't take the curl as well as I'd hoped.

Everytime I try curling my hair, I have this vision, aspiration if you will that I could somehow look like this:

But in reality, I usually end up looking something like this:

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  1. Wow, blast from the past, or what! I used to love Herman's Head, but I completely forgot how cute Molly Hagen was. Thanks for putting her back into my head ... where I'm sure she'll be stuck for a long, long while!