Wednesday, March 23, 2011

fantasy of "being stuck"

When I was younger, and more imaginative, I used to fantasize about being stuck. Both "unrealistically", as in most fiction stories. Kid finds machine, plays with machine, machine breaks, he's stuck as girl. Or how many times is that medallion going to get misplaced?

Then I thought "Hey, it doesn't have to just be fantasy, what if you applied it to crossdressing? I started thinking about things like tattooed makeup, superglueing heels and clothing to someone so they couldn't escape without either tearing skin. What if you shaved them and superglued a long blonde wig to their head?

Looking at these shoes today made me reflect on those thoughts:

What if someone crossdressed you, and then placed these locks on your feet (and removed any nearby tools to tear them off). Seriously, how would you hide high heels? Not like you could slip some other shoes over them, your wearing 5" heels for crying loud!

Sure, maybe you could wear some long pants to try to cover them up, but that clickity clack would still make a noise as you walked on a hard surface. And what if that person threw away all your male clothing (particularly at a hotel), and all you had was the dress on your back? Surely, there was no way of getting out of being seen in drag.


  1. I wish that i could be so lucky

  2. Exciting thoughts, but not always so much fun. It's happened to me twice: once when my car broke down and another when I was locked out of a motel room. Very frightening!