Monday, March 21, 2011

t-mobile girl

Yea, she's been around for a while. and soon, she may be going away (since AT&T just bought t-mobile for 39 billion buckeroos)

So is the tmobile girl (carly foulkes) actually hot? well, sorta.

I mean her face is very liv tyler like

Her body is smokin, but I think why so many guys (and yes, guys I follow on twitter comment on her) think she's so hot is because she actually wears a dress.. and ONLY pink ones. Again, this is going back to men's core desire to see women dress like women. Just look at this clip of her thanking everyone commenting on her videos. Just look at that rack full of pink dresses, who wouldn't want to walk right off with those for themselves?

Anyway, I believe this is all the commercials she's been in:


  1. I think she is hot. She should be kept in commercials.

  2. She is very hot! I used her in one of my captions: