Monday, March 8, 2010

Another 80's movie dub

This is one of my beloved movies. It's a cheesy movie called "the wraith" about a guy that gets killed by a car racing gang, and comes back as a ghost in a black car. They race for pink slips, essentially forcing other people to give up their car after they lose the race. I figure it needs a little twist.

"Are you both ready? Remember, you lose the race, you lose your pink slip!"


"I totally got this guy beat, surely my crappy dodge 4 cylinder can beat this twin turbo experimental car next to me, especially since I'm driving automatic!"

"Oh snap, he just totally blew my doors off. Why do I have a feeling he was just fucking with me, hustling even?!"

"Crap, and we're racing for pink slips. I'm going to miss this car"

"What the fuck?!! why am I a girl packard? I thought you said we were racing for pink slips? I didn't realize it would mean I'd be wearing the pink slip!"

"I might as well just paint my car pink and purple, with lacey little ribbons on the seats, it looks like I'm stuck like a girl for the REST OF MY LIFE! Nobody can track this wraith ghost guy down!"

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