Thursday, March 18, 2010

Stats part duex

Interesting results, but about what I expected. Changing voice can be learned, changing hairstyle can be done with practice (or lots of wigs), height is unimportant. Boobs can be faked, but would be nice to have real ones. Turning a penis into a vagina certainly opens up some doors:

1. It's the one thing that defines your sex. You can have the best fake cleavage in the world, perfect outfit, perfect makeup, perfect hair, decent voice, decent manneurisms, but always deep down inside your head your thinking to yourself (I can't really prove I'm a woman with that thing still between my legs)
2. It would allow you to wear a swimsuit without showing anything
3. It would allow you to feel penetration, which is quite different than pretending to be a woman and doing every act except for that

I shall agree with these results

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  1. 美麗的事物是永恆的快樂,它的可愛日有增加,不會消逝而去..............................