Thursday, March 4, 2010

Strip poker - your outta clothes!

"Ok, that's it, time to pay the piper. You have no more clothes left to take off, which means your in debt. Now the only way to pay back that debt is to submit to some humiliation"
'Noooo! What are you going to do to me? Make me run outside naked? Drink something poured through someone's butt crack?"

"No, I have something much more embarrassing in mind, now get up!"
"What could you possibly have in mind?"
"We're going to trade bodies, you'll look so cute in my body"
"What?!! You can't be serious!!"
"Oh just you watch. I have a medallion right over here, you'll be swapped in no time at all"

"Holy shit, I'm really a girl! This feels so weird, having a chest this big!"

"I so need a drink to take the edge off, I'm so nervous!"

"It's kind of nice to have instant access to touching boobs, and this vagina is actually kind of nice, I can sit without squishing my balls. I could get used to this!"

"Hey! No photos, this may not be my body, but I still don't want my photo taken!"

"Fine, if you won't put that camera away I'll just hide my breasts by holding onto them"

"Dude! Can I cop a feel?"
"Sure man, knock yourself out, in fact I'm gonna lick my nipples to see if I can turn myself on, hee hee! Hey wait a minute, why did my font change to pink? Is my personality like changing into a girl too?

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