Thursday, March 25, 2010

finally had my first experience with another crossdresser!

I know this is straying a bit from the topic of the blog, but this was something really exciting in my life (true story). So I've been talking to this one girl for a while (who's busy with life and kids), and she finally got the opportunity to meet. Drove to her place, got dressed in the bathroom while she was still getting ready, and when I came out she was waiting. We chatted about geek stuff for nearly 2 hours, only to realize we both wanted each other just as badly, but nobody wanted to make the first move. After a comment was made, I made the first move. It started with rubbing, followed by more intimate rubbing, following by heading south, followed by stroking exposed cocks while sitting side by side.
*following pics are obviously not me, just for reference*

It felt so good to finally touch another man's cock, and his felt really good (better than my own). As I was stroking his cock, I couldn't help but stare at it, pondering going down on him. I was so into it, I felt my inhibitions simply melting away. I got down on my knees, and knelt in front of him, and licked the tip a little (so as to sort of test the waters) to begin.

Then I licked his hard cock from the base back up to the tip. Finally I just couldn't wonder anymore, I took his cock into my mouth and starting stroking him with my mouth. Feeling his cock rub against my lips as I went up and down was like electricity. Then feeling his cock hit the back of my throat, and finally realizing "this is what girls feel when they give a blowjob, I feel so girly right now". He was pretty big, so I would stroke with my mouth while stroking the rest of his shaft with my hand. I had watched so many pornos and watch what my wife did that it just sort of became natural. I even tossed in a little bit of twisting my head so she got a little swirl in my stroke. After about 5 minutes of this joy, she motioned for me to get up so she could pleasure me. After only a couple minutes, she had to excuse herself because she was feeling ill (not from sex, a previous condition). I won't say what it was because that might reveal too much, but I will say it ended our session. I can only look forward to our next meetup.

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  1. Those are the stories, and those are the gurls I love most.

    They are truly beautiful.

    Kisses, Michelle