Monday, March 29, 2010

gay terrorist?

I'm sure some of you have gotten this stupid email. It shows a picture of a pakistan bearded man wearing the typical garb as a dress with some heels. Well my mother had sent me this one:

"Yohama been shoppin"

I already know my mother's opinon's on transgendered folk. I remember one time she had mentioned she saw a transgendered person while at the movies, and she said it was sick. Now maybe I'm reading too far into this, maybe she was just sending it along because as most americans she hates terrorists, and it's supposed to symbolize osama bin laden as some drag queen. The part that is offensive to me is that it's titled "gay terrorist", as if any man wearing a dress must be gay. This is an untrue stereotype that I wish would die since it doesn't apply to every situation.

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